Ok…here it is finished. “Zen Carnival”

I don’t want to say too much here. I will leave this painting’s meaning to each viewer’s imagination…so¬† I want to keep it pure…

I had no idea where to begin, i had no ideas, no visions…so i shut off my mind, opened up and dove into the unknown…the empty white canvas…non manifest. (I have posted 5 previous stages of its morphing into being.)

For me this image began with “allowing” powerful movement with absence of restriction; then a reflective pool formed; and then utter stillness developed with an energetic vortex inviting one to go deeper in…deeper still……

Or…maybe it is simply a fun painting to create, and to look at!

( close up )I would be interested to hear what you saw and felt about this painting…please feel free to comment if you want…….

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