imageWelcome to my re designed website! And Blog! We are still working on it…so there may be some glitches.
I haven’t had much to say in my Blog for awhile. Now is the beginning of a new year, symbolic of a fresh new unwritten page. i chose this pic of myself to share because i saw two visions in it. It is a selfie i was taking playing with light…. but i also see some curious figures of light reflected in my glasses, and i have no idea what they are! I took it with my Ipad, so no flashes from there. !
So these reflections represent the mystery to me… and the rainbow lights shining through me, represent my intention to take on more spiritual Light as i meet life. So that is where i am… i face the mystery, wondering what it has for me. The empty canvas.
I have been painting portraits of my family. ( it is requested that i don’t publish them )
Aside from that, what my own art vision will be, is the mystery. i have learned to love the not knowing. At this stage i find the NOT knowing far more brilliant than the “knowing”. The emptiness of it allows the new to manifest more unimpeded by me.
I wonder…

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