I have not had words or visions ready to post for some weeks. Now i do.

First of all i want to say that this blog has brought to me some amazing comments that have been brilliant for me to read!! And support from authentic people of the Path, whom i deeply respect is coming in and i feel charged by it!!There are those who See my art in intuitive, energetic and sensual ways…and that is pure delight for me!!! Profound communication is thus exchanged!

And also…my next installment of the on-going morphing of this painting i am calling “Orb Two” until it is finished and a name is born for it. It is getting deeper in tones….ready for the Light to enliven it!! That comes next….and i am excited to go there with it!

This project is showing me the importance of letting the painting take me instead of the other way around. I was stuck for awhile, not knowing where to go next to complete it. A very wise friend reminded me about allowing it to take me. Then i found myself painting again.

This same concept applies to the Spiritual Path….something we surely cannot make happen. It advances and deepens as we learn to Surrender to it.


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