My latest painting… finally after a long creative breakimagey spell. At first i did not know what to call it.


Alot of deep feeling went into this painting.
The vision started as a drawing that was done in a moment of profound sadness. Not just sad for little me, but for the suffering of and by humanity, for the loving Spirit residing in the heart of every human, that is so often trapped and suffocated. For the precious planet we live within, its spectacular, magical wild places and inhabitants that come under threat by said humans.
And all of a sudden, one of the bright Angels that came in to my previous drawing of my recovering hand and wrist… came to the crying eye.
As the image began as a painting, the sadness vanished… and only an uplifting sensation came over me. I felt support, healing and sweetness…
Also i felt a waking within… veils dissolving…. wings lifting…. lightness… a profound prayer.
A friend wrote the words:
“…as if the tears are the seeds that give bearth to the awakening
winged awakening”

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