Woah….This is a totally different approach to a canvas for me. What an experience! I want to be able to explain it….but it is not possible.

The title describes it….to fling out the dense visceral stuff still taking up precious inner space in my would be Pureness. I flungĀ  it with paint…passionately….i loved the experience…i had no attachment to what this painting might look like…it was completely spontaneous…almost like a dance…a nuanced allowing.

Then….to my surprise, i went to the blog of my dear friend, and an amazingly inspired, world class ekphrastic poet….and lo!! she had posted this painting, and written one of her stunning poems!

What the painting inspired in her poem blew me away. This is the link to her poem, “Abstraction of Heart”, by Karima Hoisan:


(She includes in her blog a link to music chosen to listen to, as you read it. The haunting music she chose enhances the journey. I highly recommend it.)

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