Well…it is interesting to have a blog. Now i find myself deciding what i want to share next. So i decided to post the developing of another orchid face morphing within a globe, that i am working on right now.

I started with another old painting…one i did not want to finish, so i decided to use the dark canvas. I enjoy painting on a dark background….it feels to me like i am painting with light. After my painting “Alien Chrysalis”, which took on such a powerful life to me,  i have been inspired to try another orchid. This orchid face began to appear transparently over the old painting…and the orb barely seen yet. This was mid June. Then…

… colors started appearing, as the old painting disappears. The orchid comes further into being. I love the sensuality of oil paint, and the deep colors….they feel  alive. I move into their depth.  There is no thinking process going on with this image. No meaning at all…and i rather like that. These next two thumbnails are in late June, and then late July.




Now…here it is today, August 3…it is still not finished yet…but is like an alive kinda thing to me….i let it define itself as i get out of the way. Much more fun for me….

I think it may be close to finished….but there is something not yet done….i dunno what….so off i go today to see where it leads me. I will post the finished painting soon.

I would like to know who finds this kind of post interesting….the developing of the image. If you are so inclined, i would love to read your comments.


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