Wow! The photo of this painting, done many years ago, was just sent to me. Interesting that some of my recent posts have also been about “tears”. Much of my art reflects the images of¬† inner realms of the human condition…both heaven and hell….and its journey of transformation.

I see this painting as another reflection of the profound and essential un-doing of the dense false self, and the resistance to that process ( ie….pain and suffering )…and the subsequent opening and freeing ( surrender ) once the resistance is released …. an indispensable¬† part of my own process of awakening from the “dream”.

This painting shows at the top, two somewhat abstract faces, masks. As they face away from each other, they are experiencing their own personal hell inside, lost and in pain, crying. When they face each other ( mirrors )….there is conflict and sorrow…projection….perhaps they see the other as the “cause” of this suffering? ( click on painting to enlarge )

As tears from their depths fall,¬† they transform, like alchemy …to sun and moon, to crystals, into a sea of transformed tears at the bottom, out of which grows a huge crystal, and two hands reaching out, holding more crystals. There is a vine growing up out of this rich liquid as well, and it sustains and embraces a huge crystal ball.

Within this crystal ball is a vision of peace, harmony, these faces transformed, and a connection/reflection of these two in spirit, and the eagle flies its noble freedom….and Heyoka, the sacred clown/jester/fool, of the Lakota tradition, joyfully dances the cosmic joke.

None of it is real.


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