Zen Carnival

Zen Carnival

Ok…here it is finished. “Zen Carnival”

I don’t want to say too much here. I will leave this painting’s meaning to each viewer’s imagination…so  I want to keep it pure…

I had no idea where to begin, i had no ideas, no visions…so i shut off my mind, opened up and dove into the unknown…the empty white canvas…non manifest. (I have posted 5 previous stages of its morphing into being.)

For me this image began with “allowing” powerful movement with absence of restriction; then a reflective pool formed; and then utter stillness developed with an energetic vortex inviting one to go deeper in…deeper still……

Or…maybe it is simply a fun painting to create, and to look at!

( close up )I would be interested to hear what you saw and felt about this painting…please feel free to comment if you want…….

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  1. Zen Carnival…what a perfect title. I had to take my time looking at this, your finished version, before I could comment, because as you know somewhere half way finished it was featured in a poem of mine entitled “Unfinished”
    ( including the YouTube link here:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGIDBP8A_x8 ) and there was all this nostalgia and a full moon nocturne associated with it in my mind. I had to disassociate from that and just see it, feel it for what it turned into….a Carnival of color, electric joy, and streamers all blowing and captured in an moment of intensity, tingling energy “horizoned” on electrocuted water that morphs into blowing strands of confetti, exaltation and even FUN..I hear a joyous music playing, as this painting proudly displays itself. It has become the poster for an illuminated moment, where tears of joy and silly grins are brought out and the watery floor, now has grown new depth of perception and also has changed into celebratory streamers, full of giddily shocks of happiness and profound understanding, that makes smiles open instantly on those who walk inside. The center figure, which is so nicely detailed in the enlargement, could be a magical pinwheel, and blowing on it, a portal opens to take you to even a higher level of amusement and meditation. I absolutely adore this painting..I have from the beginning, and how it featured in my video as its unfinished self and also in the many textures and gels I used as filters. Wonderful wonderful work Jan. You have captured the spontaneity of a very sacred and at the same time wide smiling point in time…and put it in front of out faces to enjoy. Bravo!! Once again a big thank you for allowing us, your readers. to share in the process of your creating such a gift wrapped surprise.

    • LOL…I have to laugh!! This comment makes me feel gleeful, wide eyed, as it takes my eyes dancing ever deeper into seeing my own painting! The Gift….i loved what you said about blowing on the center figure “… could be a magical pinwheel, and blowing on it, a portal opens to take you to even a higher level of amusement and meditation. ” I had that feeling as i painted it…
      You See through your own effervescence, playful and gorgeous…wow! How fascinating it must be to live behind your eyes, Karima….! ( beauty is in the eyes of the beholder )
      Then your words flow like a fountain…..with wild morphing visions, you invite the reader in to a joyful, magical ride!!
      You dove in and played…in my painting!! I love that! Thank you so much.

  2. Bravo! (applauds with one hand) Looks like you’ve tapped into the soul of the universe on this one. Also loved the descriptions leading up to it: dancing is painting is dancing, etc. Much more fun to channel the cosmic dance than analyze it or try to invent it, ya know? Congratulations on winning such a brilliant prize at the Zen Carnival; can’t wait to see where you go from here. 🙂

    • Wow…thank you so much Chrome!! I deeply respect your words….so this comment means a lot to me…..your seeing my art thru your eyes. In fact you are one of my inspirations with your art and your mind…we come from a similar era, so to speak…and have been through a few meat grinders to get to where we are….and then to tell the story, be it in art or words. And i also can’t wait to see what comes next. It is fun to befriend the Unknown…ya?

  3. Once again, thanks for sharing the creative process with us Jan, and its great to see the end result. What I see in it is the dual nature of reality; we often live our lives in a state of phrenetic energy, as is seen in the top half of the painting. But if we can center ourselves somehow, we see that underneath the seeming chaos there is the stillness of the water. Ultimately neither of these states is good or bad, but just 2 different ways in which we experience the world. Just my impression on it 🙂

    Congratulations on a wonderfully spontaneous piece!

  4. Thank you so much, Scott, for your comment and your insight.
    It is an honor when such talented artists find the time to connect with my art…and to talk to me about what they see.
    I had no ideas behind the making of this painting…but it has spoken to me as it progressed with a life of its own.

    So true what you said…the phrenetic nature of our inner life alone is staggering…not to mention the complexities and fears of the apparent “out there” reality surrounding and affecting us….our “life”. ( our hologram). I agree…”…neither of these states is good or bad, but just 2 different ways in which we experience the world.”
    When i began spontaneously throwing paint at this canvas it was in joyful dancing defiance of my tendency to controlled perfection and fine tuned realism. My idealistic approach to my spiritual path, as reflected in my art’s visions.
    I let go…into the unknown…surrendered…i did that deep within, and observe as my art now reflects this shift. Never a dull moment.
    Just to throw paint to the wind ( letting go of control )….and allow what the universe would do with it. And lo! it delivers a magical portal…after a great lil party!!!
    The universe blesses us with many Gifts, sometimes in ways seemingly opposite to how we might judge as a gift!….getting past that judgement is where we find the treasure therein….or such is my experience…always being tested.
    Thank you again, Scott….

  5. I FEEL THIS ART LIKE NO OTHER (FROM WHERE I AM IN LIFE AT THIS MOMENT – Colors Inspiring to go beyond – beyond the green of my forests!
    We’ve been out of touch..trying to find myself ..not only with Andy’s passing, but 3 months ago, while away celebrating my birthday, only to come home and see all my artesan treasures, love letters, photographs, keepsakes in ash and my loving dogs sufficated in the molden grey. I wanted to call, but couldn’t speak….This painting is an opening <3

    • OMG Avie….what a tragic shock. We have since spoken via phone, after this posting…but i do want to reply to you here.
      We have been friends, and followed each other’s lives…and all the changes…for many years now. Your losing Andy, and now this burning…is one of those times in life where one either sinks or one swims….and Avie….you are not a sinker by any means. That is why i know you will get through this with flying colors ( maybe that is why you liked the Zen Carnival…)….and that you will find the gift present in a new found freedom facing you. I have faith in you….and your coming journey. And thank you for many years of loyal support for my art. Lets stay in better touch.

  6. I love this painting. What is the meaning behind the name? I have just formed a band and am using the title: Carnival in it and was interested in this. I am so glad I came across it.

    • Hello Molly… to me the meaning of my painting “Zen Carnival” revolves around the finding of order in chaos… the mandala at the center can take one deep… past the carnival,our story… into Source. I call this my Rabbit Hole.


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