The Blank White Canvas…+Allow

It has been over a month since i published my finished “Fertilization”. That painting took a further depth when my friend Karima used it extensively in the stunning videos of the final chapters of her Epic multimedia/multi-dimensional adventure: “The Colored Dream Series” and on to “The Two”….which just reached an inspiring and expansive end in chapter 13 of “the Two”. I highly recommend the entire series, …her blog is:    ….You will be deeply touched  on many levels if you open to the experience…it is that amazing.

And right now i face a charged awake moment.   The Unknown.

I am standing in front of an empty white prepared canvas….open.

This experience has always fascinated and intimidated me. All potentials are possible. Anything or nothing and everything in between. It is like facing unformed Reality from a pure awakeness….then going in and creating something in/with it…something unique. An act of creating within what is simply a pure undefined and non dual Force.  So? Why, then? What can i create that is more perfect than That?? For what purpose? Mind doesn’t have a clue, and will engage me in struggles if it can. But…the mind is not the tool to walk through this door, it can only repeat itself from learned data from the past. The True answer is>> beyond it.  In the hands of this Force beyond mind, the mind then becomes a highly useful multi-functional, creativity tool…but no longer the master controller, as before.  I am learning this on my Path, as i learn to Surrender.

So as i face this unformed universe in stretched canvas…i let go of my mind. And i Allow.

And i will share the stages of what happens on the canvas.

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  1. How well you describe that pivotal moment, Jan, right before the beginning strokes, or flings of paint that will change that white faced canvas forever. In my writings, and beginnings of new projects, I feel the very same..the less my active conscious mind gets in the way, the better… as creativity comes from totally a different you put it so well,”this force beyond mind” It takes practice, and error, and trying again, to truly surrender to that state of letting oneself go in the creative process without tight plans and conceptions on how it will finally come out..The creation reveals itself to the artist along the way of that surrender..You are also blessed with impeccable technique, years perfecting your gift , a lifetime of Art so I know whatever you allow to be born, will be something I am drawn to, inspired by, and will no doubt swoon for long periods of time as I contemplate it.. I am excited for you..and also wondering if perhaps in some small way once again(well “Fertilization” was in a big gigantic way:) your signing of the finished painting, won’t begin a process in my own mind to start something it becomes an integral part of. Have fun on this your newest painting, and please keep us up to date with your progress. It’s something I so love about your art blog; how you let us in on your little “secrets” and steps from a blank canvas, to a beautiful existing reality pulled from the “unformed Reality” of possibilities..waiting to be made visible. Thank you too for your words about my use of your paintings in my machinimas. Wow, it became so interwoven, that in the last episodes, it even whispered to me how it was going to end..:)

    • Wow! Very interesting how our creative processes are interweaving of late!! We are inspiring each other and obviously share a mutual admiration for each others art…and we both “get it” about letting go and allowing a flow..becoming an instrument of that!!! Only problem is i am truly running out of superlatives to express how i feel about your ever expanding range of talents!! Thank you so much for your support, Karima….and for being your wonderful amazing generous self!!


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