Here is a painting of one of my dogs, my beautiful Lab, Maya.

One early morning i was pondering …”Truth.”

We can and do make things true in our minds all the time,  and do so repeatedly in an almost steady stream, we even make lies true…whether we see it or not.

But there is a Universal Truth…underlying it all.

It is way beyond any little mind and all its dramas, emotions, and “I”stories… stuff that i have identified with, that parades through my mind. False me. I shudder….as more and more i See this. The collection of inner rubbish that keeps  fundamental Truth from being experienced.

So on that early morning, i asked the Angels to show me something true.

And almost immediately i looked into my dogs sparkling eyes….and i experienced a glimmer of that Truth. I did! A true heart reaching out in that very alive moment with love and trust. Simple, pure and uncontaminated.  No mind.  Abiding, unconditional love, incapable of guile or betrayal, or even a bad mood!  She touched that part of me.

And so i painted her.



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