another detail of Angelic Tear

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  1. I’m having a small issue I cannot make my reader pick up your feed, I’m using google reader by the way.

    • I would like to know what the problem is here, maybe others have the same thing…what is not appearing?

    • Glad it is useful….there is much un-doing of the un-real to do…if one is so inclined.

  2. Jan, it seems to me you’ve perfected your art, even it’s undoing (the tear) is perfect. What a Jeddian thing to do, to take a month off to find out who you (we) are without our art. Painful withdrawals? Maybe.
    And then when I return in July I want to buy a print of ‘tear’ for the casa.

    • Jeff…thank you for your comment! Wow…a Jeddian thing…i love that!! That is actually very much how it felt/feels. And, yes, i do need to get a print made of this painting….i think it will make a great print!


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