OK….this is my first attempt to put a new painting into my blog….and to talk a bit about it.

Angelic Tear…………30″ x 37″ acrylic on canvas

This painting started out as a mandala for a sacred idealistic vision, a diamond crystal, tree of life, a dream of perfect union in Oneness. But it finished as another statement altogether. As i was painting, i was struck with the intervention of what felt to me like an Angelic Force, and it inspired an actual physical vertical cut from the top to halfway through the canvas.  I was shocked at the living quality this painting had taken on. This Force was speaking to me through my painting! The painting continued to morph into new visions brought about by the tear, and the tear ( interesting that they are spelled the same way ), like a living hologram, into the finished one i have included here. A Gift to me in my quest for Truth…..and it keeps speaking to me even now.

( click images to see enlargements )

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