About Artist

About Jan Betts

“I have long aspired to live the profound life of a mystic…. and the delightful challenge for my art to express the many unfoldments of this Path, as i experienced them.
I have been living for many years in Costa Rica… where the rich, dense tropical environment is my main teacher and muse.
I live a reclusive lifestyle,in a quiet paradise setting where i have my home, art studio and private gallery !. My dogs and pussycats, bless them… are my main companions. And the orchestra of wild things that sing day and night… and the ever flowing river.
My art has danced through many stages… from blissful, idealistic Visions of Light, to the profound inner work of bringing that same Light into the dark shadows of fear and delusion.
I have written about much of it in my Blog.
I warmly welcome you to my remodeled website, and its collection that spans many years, displayed in the Retrospective Gallery, and the sweet interactive experience in my 360 Virtual Forest Gallery…. and my Blog.