next morph…#5.

5. So, now the star in the center is changing into some sort of vortex….kind of an implosion…. interesting….on it goes….i know not where….but am enjoying the ride….



( below is a close up….)

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I am an artist who has been living in Costa Rica for over 30 years. My lifestyle is relatively reclusive, and so now i am creating a blog to exchange ideas. I am new at this, but soon i hope to master this blog thing so that i can include photos and to write about new paintings i am working on, or have recently finished....or that are in my website.
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2 Responses to next morph…#5.

  1. iris says:

    I want to tell you what I felt when I looked at zen carnival – it touched me right in my heart – I felt all of the joy and spirit and life roaring at me from those whom I have loved but who have left this earth – it was like someone had opened the gates and freed their joys, their spirit, let them run again, right to me.
    Thank you for those moments Jan
    xx iris

    • janbetts says:

      Iris! Thank you!! So wonderful to be back in touch…and thank you for your comment! What a magical experience you had with Zen Carnival! Beautiful! Wow! I am delighted that this image had so much movement and spiritual power and light for you. I find it so interesting to hear peoples reactions to this new form of more abstract art ….quite a surprise….because i always before used more universally known images to speak from my heart. Now, i am using minimal imagery….yet there is still an energy being felt and sometimes it is perceived in quite a meaningful, wordless way.

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