next morph…#5.

5. So, now the star in the center is changing into some sort of vortex….kind of an implosion…. interesting….on it goes….i know not where….but am enjoying the ride….



( below is a close up….)

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another stage in morphing

4. Here the painting is as of now, as it develops, colors flow in. I must say that i don’t know where this is going, but i have said that before. This way of creating art is more spontaneous and totally new to me…a break from my usual very finished more realistic styles and idealistic visions…and symbolism. New territory.

So i will leave it at that for now.

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morphing movement


OK…Here is the first installment of what happens to the white emptiness…i just started flinging paint, lots of movement…and no thought …felt like dancing…and it had a power to it, very free and unrestricted….





On it goes, just playing….and a body of water appears…or maybe glass, or mirror??…





And the water/mirror reflects the wildness into graceful waves…and now i am excited to go and play in those waves with color and texture…and watch as this scene of movement becomes more manifest….

I like how there are changes in form and reflections in the textures of movement….but i don’t want to start putting too many words or ideas on it yet, because i don’t know where it is headed.

I enjoy feeling acutely awake and empty as i allow this image to morph into being, giving myself to the experience. I can feel more colors wanting to come in, now…..

Light spatterings and smearings, and flow….and i am a tool for its becoming…simply what it is. This feels so delightfully spontaneous, mindless and meaningless…a new area for me to explore in my art…i simply allow…without judgement…with feeling…not attached to where it goes.

I also endeavor to develop this same quality in my life’s flow. Learning to get out of the way…



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The Blank White Canvas…+Allow

It has been over a month since i published my finished “Fertilization”. That painting took a further depth when my friend Karima used it extensively in the stunning videos of the final chapters of her Epic multimedia/multi-dimensional adventure: “The Colored Dream Series” and on to “The Two”….which just reached an inspiring and expansive end in chapter 13 of “the Two”. I highly recommend the entire series, …her blog is:    ….You will be deeply touched  on many levels if you open to the experience…it is that amazing.

And right now i face a charged awake moment.   The Unknown.

I am standing in front of an empty white prepared canvas….open.

This experience has always fascinated and intimidated me. All potentials are possible. Anything or nothing and everything in between. It is like facing unformed Reality from a pure awakeness….then going in and creating something in/with it…something unique. An act of creating within what is simply a pure undefined and non dual Force.  So? Why, then? What can i create that is more perfect than That?? For what purpose? Mind doesn’t have a clue, and will engage me in struggles if it can. But…the mind is not the tool to walk through this door, it can only repeat itself from learned data from the past. The True answer is>> beyond it.  In the hands of this Force beyond mind, the mind then becomes a highly useful multi-functional, creativity tool…but no longer the master controller, as before.  I am learning this on my Path, as i learn to Surrender.

So as i face this unformed universe in stretched canvas…i let go of my mind. And i Allow.

And i will share the stages of what happens on the canvas.

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So here it is, finished at last.( touch curser to image to enlarge )

And i think it is interesting to consider the word >fertilization, and why it was chosen  for the title. The word can be used to discribe the fertilization as in an egg by sperm in mating of a male and female to reproduce….also, to adding nutrients to enrich soil for greater plant production, or pollenation as in flowers or orchids, which can be somewhat complex procedure . In all cases the word means a creating of a new life or form….as well as to enrich.  In any case, here is a change occurring, similar to a chrysalis when transforming into a butterfly….where the substance “juices” transform….and something altogether new comes of it.

This painting to me has an excitement…almost a joyful, ticklish sensation…and the movement and structure of the orchid suggests to me that there is a stimulating metamorphosis occurring in the purest lightning flash of a moment.

I almost never see such implications until the painting completes itself, and this one remained pretty mysterious to me until i was in the finishing stage of it. I just let it become, not needing to know what that might be. Then it delighted me in the end, as i put the final paint strokes on it…and it took on life.

I am reminded of my own transformation process….and those moments when profound  intuitive perceptions are born, often of the simplest and unexpected of sources…. where  i feel an infusion of Energy that utterly changes me, expanding horizons. And this experience, tho’ never the same twice… feels to me kind of what this orchid seems to be experiencing.

The diamond Purpose of our journey in this universe is to allow the Spiritual Light to thoroughly fertilize us…until we shine, glow….laughingly.

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Inspired…grateful…and, on with the next installment of the morphing painting

I have not had words or visions ready to post for some weeks. Now i do.

First of all i want to say that this blog has brought to me some amazing comments that have been brilliant for me to read!! And support from authentic people of the Path, whom i deeply respect is coming in and i feel charged by it!!There are those who See my art in intuitive, energetic and sensual ways…and that is pure delight for me!!! Profound communication is thus exchanged!

And also…my next installment of the on-going morphing of this painting i am calling “Orb Two” until it is finished and a name is born for it. It is getting deeper in tones….ready for the Light to enliven it!! That comes next….and i am excited to go there with it!

This project is showing me the importance of letting the painting take me instead of the other way around. I was stuck for awhile, not knowing where to go next to complete it. A very wise friend reminded me about allowing it to take me. Then i found myself painting again.

This same concept applies to the Spiritual Path….something we surely cannot make happen. It advances and deepens as we learn to Surrender to it.


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painting morphing

Well…it is interesting to have a blog. Now i find myself deciding what i want to share next. So i decided to post the developing of another orchid face morphing within a globe, that i am working on right now.

I started with another old painting…one i did not want to finish, so i decided to use the dark canvas. I enjoy painting on a dark background….it feels to me like i am painting with light. After my painting “Alien Chrysalis”, which took on such a powerful life to me,  i have been inspired to try another orchid. This orchid face began to appear transparently over the old painting…and the orb barely seen yet. This was mid June. Then…

… colors started appearing, as the old painting disappears. The orchid comes further into being. I love the sensuality of oil paint, and the deep colors….they feel  alive. I move into their depth.  There is no thinking process going on with this image. No meaning at all…and i rather like that. These next two thumbnails are in late June, and then late July.




Now…here it is today, August 3…it is still not finished yet…but is like an alive kinda thing to me….i let it define itself as i get out of the way. Much more fun for me….

I think it may be close to finished….but there is something not yet done….i dunno what….so off i go today to see where it leads me. I will post the finished painting soon.

I would like to know who finds this kind of post interesting….the developing of the image. If you are so inclined, i would love to read your comments.


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link to article

Here is a link to an article written about me, and my arrival to Costa Rica back in the 70′s when it was as yet un tarnished by the infiltration of foreigners ….published in an online magazine. My life in Costa Rica has been an elaborate, fascinating and  inspiring multi faceted adventure spanning many years. I had to leave out most of the  details that color this story due to space….it would turn into a book if i included them!

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This painting is difficult to find words for…i will try. ( I notice the re appearance of tears, and of the orb….and idealistic intentions. Much has changed in my own perceptions about it all…since creating these paintings .) ( click image to enlarge )

The setting seems a rather ethereal  dimension… a  play of lights forming the “vision” of the figures… clouds, veils…energy in movement…morphing,  transforming.

This image is about attempting intimate joining with another. There is an overlap as these figures appear to share the same physical form in parts as they blend into each other.  Faces, breasts, shoulders, legs and arms are interchangeable, becoming each other. From a strong shared shoulder, her arm is also his arm…and so they hold a crystal ball, within which there is an image of a shared dream…an intention at union and true love.  Two hands, index fingers touching, and a magical light shines in their connecting. Above on the left, the two hands are reaching towards each other as an effort at this connecting, but not yet achieving it. The faces become each other…as they are indeed mirrors. Projected images inter mix with perceptions of true seeing….which can cause them to get lost as to whose image is who’s. On the right, there is an image of pain, fear and separation… tears fall down the arm,  transforming…as the drops become more globes, this time containing a winged image of freedom from the illusion and the lies created by erroneous perceptions and resulting delusions.

All of this represents to me the range of energies shared by two beings in their attempt at true union…and all that unexpectedly comes up to the surface in that process…some which is devastating, as it must be. A powerful potential is present. They may well go separate ways when the potential of their journey together is completed…or continue together, as indicated. There is also the possibility that they will become lost in unending projections, and split up, each blaming the other….only to move onto another mirror, and repeat.

If they are  deeply committed to living for Truth, there is a chance that they can achieve something Real…True. Likely that will not look anything like what the previously sleeping dreamers projected in the beginning …which must, its self, experience a fundamental dis-integration.

The Work.

We are not the experiences we have, or any of the roles we have identified with, even the ones we feel most define us.  We are the pure conscious space within which any experience takes place…that which does not change.

We are That.



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Angelic Integration

This is one of the paintings displayed in the Retrospective Gallery in my main website. The meaning of it may not be clear to most observers, so I thought I would write a bit about it…and what it means to me.

Like many of the visions that come into my art, this one came in parts, like a flow, to me rather than  from me. Like a gift…a prayer, inviting.

The metaphorical gems, ( pearls? or drops perhaps?)….represent to me the entrance of a new idea, as it goes in, past the surface of the thinking mind…. especially input from spiritual and Angelic realms…that expand one’s field of Seeing into energetic realms. The upper face looks upward, her crown and 3rd eye chackras are open, her eyes open and mind receptive.

The face below is in a meditative reverence, as Divine nature enters then into her heart, a blooming rose, petals unfolding in rapture.

The splash below is what I call Angelic Integration, as an actual alchemical affect results…the colors mix and blend and swirl as a transformation morphs the soul powerfully and deeply with Light.





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