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This image for me represents a moment of spiritual expansion….in the arrival of a shock (lightning) and the inner Gift offered therein. A prayer, a true profound beseeching, ( in this case a dramatic scream ), actually contains the help … Continue reading

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This painting was painted many years ago….but the image is one that to me stands on it’s own merit, in representing the state of mind where we finally give up “arms”, and multi-faceted inner resistance….and truly surrender to the most … Continue reading

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It is a blessing to be gifted with the degree of inner devastation/disillusionment that brings one to the point where facing “truth” becomes deeply personal. When the fear of not facing it becomes greater than the fear of facing it.

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another detail of Angelic Tear

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Angelic Tear

OK….this is my first attempt to put a new painting into my blog….and to talk a bit about it. Angelic Tear…………30″ x 37″ acrylic on canvas This painting started out as a mandala for a sacred idealistic vision, a diamond … Continue reading

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