Splash play….out of my mind!

*1. First installment…january 7

OK…here i go again beginning a painting with no thought…just playing in movement and colors bouncing about in  splashes….

It is a time of breaking out and expanding beyond old ‘boxes’ (both personally and artistically)… allowing new movement without judgement. A journey into the unknown…i am becoming quite the friend of the unknown.

The known has become stale…it is past and it is done….todays moments are not carrying nearly as much of the past as before. I am experiencing a fresh air of mystery in this cleaner perspective! I have always been drawn to the magic inherent in the mysterious…and now feel lighter and thus more capable and trusting to take this leap.

*2. Jan 8..the next day of a joyful and delightfully meaningless dance of color and texture with oils:

I feel like i want to dive into this painting and play with the colors where it calls me. Very in the present moment….empty of mental….to see where it takes me…i have zero attachment to where it goes!!! I love this feeling…very free…breathing life…awake to this moment…

This spontaneous approach to my art is reflective of what is happening to me within. A sense of surrender and trust….and a curiousity as to what the universe has for me…a new openness to receive it…(and a gratefulness to be relieved of so much of the weight i used to carry inside.)



About janbetts

I am an artist who has been living in Costa Rica for over 30 years. My lifestyle is relatively reclusive, and so now i am creating a blog to exchange ideas. I am new at this, but soon i hope to master this blog thing so that i can include photos and to write about new paintings i am working on, or have recently finished....or that are in my website.
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5 Responses to Splash play….out of my mind!

  1. Karima says:

    Wow…color rich and spontaneous beauty..yes I feel you playing inside..Your surrender to what it will be is the joyful mystery revealing itself…Love it!!

  2. Jose says:

    On your previous painting (Speechless) you allowed pre-defined shapes and symbols to enter the painting which distorted and channeled one’s experience of it. This one seems to be keeping “purer” and seems to show more acceptance from your part of what you call the “unknown”. When I give myself up to the unknown and paint I always finish by doing one test: I hang the painting from all sides and if none brings up pre-conceived images then I know that I was true to it, or better yet, that I was it for a little while, then slowly, as I accept it (and this is the hard part as you probably know, to accept it and to keep out of it, to just let it be as it was meant to be), the painting takes a life of its own over time and we become undissociable, it and me.

    • janbetts says:

      Hey there Jose…thank you for your insights….very astute observation!!! I love your comment….it is an issue i am addressing as i play in this new territory. A part of me ( from the past) resists temptation to put in ” pre defined shapes and symbols…”, as i paint….and yes, this new one is purer….i will see where it wants to go, keep out of the way of that….it is a lot of fun to play this way!!! So much the way we grow spiritually…as we move past stories and pre conceived ideas and identification with them. Where can i see your paintings?

      • Jose says:

        Jan, a lot of my work can be seen in this site:


        There’s all kinds of stuff there. I admire the change that are allowing to happen, change keeps our spirits forever young. This latest painting you’re working on is beautiful! I’ll keep commenting on my reactions to your work as honestly as possible, whatever they may be. José

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