Here is the finished painting…”Speechless.”

(click image to enlarge)

The title arrived in a magical way. Every title idea that came to me felt just wrong altogether…until i remembered that what happens in this vision has no mental definition at all….

The mind is not the tool to ‘See’ ( grok ) this painting….to explore the rich realms beyond mind…so lovely…playful…free…


A pure spontaneous experience can be spoiled or limited (put in a box) when the mind is put to task to define it. But then, sometimes the word used can be a kind of bridge or trigger…and can deepen the meaning of an experience. This title does both… for me.


This image feels auspicious….to me….almost like a blessing.

**As a side note: My website and blog are a year old now, and during this time my art has been changing, along with me….and i would love to hear (read) from those who are visiting, so i know who you are! A small comment would be very welcomed to begin this new year.

About janbetts

I am an artist who has been living in Costa Rica for over 30 years. My lifestyle is relatively reclusive, and so now i am creating a blog to exchange ideas. I am new at this, but soon i hope to master this blog thing so that i can include photos and to write about new paintings i am working on, or have recently finished....or that are in my website.
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6 Responses to “Speechless”

  1. Karima says:

    Well I hope my little comment inspires a few more out there, to try to put into words the impressions that your changing art causes in those who see it, ponder it and let themselves be drawn into it. I know, because I too see this on my own blog, most people for whatever reason, don’t leave comments. It could be the small process of form filling, or the worry that somehow they will wind up on many spam lists by giving out an email,(which is not the case with wordpress) etc, but I know that anyone who does take the time, to leave a few impressions, is so very much valued by the artist. Blogs especially are not about selling, they are truly about sharing and feedback, and continuity, where changes and new techniques are all part of that blogging process. As I said in my reflections on my first year on wordpress, I feel the actual blog helped me to be more prolific, more productive and even take chances in experimentation that I would not have done if I thought maybe “no one was noticing”
    So, that said, I have marveled at the changes in your Art Jan in the last year. It is astounding, how you just broke out of the mold that you yourself had very successfully been painting in for decades, and ripped a canvas almost in two and broke free of the goddesses, and the perfection, and showed us bleeding smashed hearts, sensual orbs, with zen flavored- carnival colors, and now this beauty that goes beyond words to describe what can not be described. You take us to the Speechless place, of just being in the moment of another of Life’ miracle gifts..You float an energy, a feeling of lightness, and goodness, right past our faces, and then you show us where these floating entities(?) were born. This rich texturing of almost the cosmos, and then too could be strange altered tree bark that has been painted for centuries by molds, and fungus, and water..I feel the core of the earth, and the blue of the sky, and yet it goes beyond all of what we can perceive with our senses, and just hovers in its perfection and fragility, guiding us to our own conclusions..angels? aliens? bubbles from a parallel world? Just light Beauty that you found the perfect title for..and yes for me titles are very important on visual Art, especially abstract Art. This is just beautiful, so rich in layers and yet so light and free. I look forward to all the new beauty you will continue to share with us Jan, in this new beginning year. Bravo my dear friend…Bravo….

  2. jan says:

    Thank you so much Karima!! Yes….the comments and feedback are wonderful, often inspiring, to receive from people who have their own impressions and perceptions and feelings to share!
    Many people who visit our blogs don’t leave comments….which is OK, too.
    We both have so been inspired by posting our art forms in a blog! This form of communication, putting my art “out”….and then actually finding WORDS for my art, ….has been a NEW adventure for me…it has enriched my own relationship to my art in ways i did not expect!
    Your words continue to astonish me…speaking from how profoundly you went into experiencing this painting! Wow!! What you wrote reminded me of the inspired poetry that comes out of you when a piece of art touches your delightful, prolific “Muse”…:) What you said here was poetry to me…and has invited me to take another still deeper dive into this painting!!!
    For me the painting is primal….at the same time, Divine…the emerging images speak to me in deep wordless ways…
    But you find words that magically increase this vision’s potential for those who care to dive in…past them.
    Thank you so much Karima for your abiding support and your creative brilliance, not just in how you express your own art, but in how you See the art of others…and share it.

  3. jeff says:

    Speechless says it all (is that ironic or what!). It images (no small trick) a state of Being where no words are necessary, where words would only detract from Angelic perfection. It’s now my desktop photo, and Jan is my artist muse and best friend and spiritual ally in Costa Rica.
    “When we’ve been here 10,000 years, bright shining like the sun….”

    • janbetts says:

      WOW!!! Jeff…thank you so much!!!!
      So true “…a state of Being where no words are necessary, where words would only detract from Angelic perfection.”
      We get that. What a Gift…ya? Ally’s we ARE….Bless you!!!!

  4. kari bell says:

    Jan you never seise to amaze me. Your creations take me on a journey. I feel like I can stare into them for hrs, days and nights finding new meanings and ways to look at life.
    Thank you!

    • janbetts says:

      Kari!! I am so delighted that you visited my cyber attempts at communication. Yes!! So fun, my latest art has just been dancing, and i am having the best time celebrating it!! It is wonderful to have awake eyes such as yours to dive deep into the images and allow them to take you on a journey. This one, Speechless…was an interesting journey for me as well. The painting organically flowed into being….and after the bubbles formed, i was moved to put little stars of light in them….and then….One of the stars turned into what felt like an Angelic Force…and i was just joyful to feel the energy that came in at that moment. Thank you so much for your comment!!!

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