Visceral Fling

Visceral Fling

Woah….This is a totally different approach to a canvas for me. What an experience! I want to be able to explain it….but it is not possible.

The title describes it….to fling out the dense visceral stuff still taking up precious inner space in my would be Pureness. I flung  it with paint…passionately….i loved the experience…i had no attachment to what this painting might look like…it was completely spontaneous…almost like a dance…a nuanced allowing.

Then….to my surprise, i went to the blog of my dear friend, and an amazingly inspired, world class ekphrastic poet….and lo!! she had posted this painting, and written one of her stunning poems!

What the painting inspired in her poem blew me away. This is the link to her poem, “Abstraction of Heart”, by Karima Hoisan:

(She includes in her blog a link to music chosen to listen to, as you read it. The haunting music she chose enhances the journey. I highly recommend it.)

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  1. The painting, the poetry, and the music have blended into a perfect performance-piece! I didn’t see the heart in the painting at first, but when I did, and I read Karima’s words, I felt my own heart expand to remember the cracks still present from the heartbreaks of the past. I do not believe they ever heal but are like scars you can later see in your life while remembering the circumstances, as if from a hard fall in childhood or a surgeon’s knife. Well done!

    • Thank you for your words, Vivian.
      With Karima’s poem, and the music, this painting has indeed taken on a depth…and many can relate to that raw feeling her poem so eloquently takes us into, that most of us have experienced to some degree.
      I believe in the human heart. Sometimes the abject devastation we feel when we lose an important love and its dream, actually can further open the heart, break through the walls we have constructed within to keep us “safe”….when in reality, it is those very walls that keep True Love from being experienced.This process is painful to the extent that we resist it, and hold on to the fears, and blame external forces for our pain. Our hearts are meant for greatness in the field of love…if we allow this process to burn the false…bit by bit revealing the True.

  2. Jan, your painting ,”Visceral Fling” (a brilliant title by the way) pulled out the words for my poem, as if they were magically summoned. I felt the incredible movement, and energy in your process of painting it, and knowing your “normal style” this was a wonderful and unexpected surprise. My take on it, what I saw, I am sure comes from my own experiences, and this painting will have as many interpretations as viewers. Still in the end, it is powerful and it is about a you say. sometimes this must happen to “let the light get in” David Darling is my musical soul-mate:) I have used him for so many of my poems when I perform them, and in this piece “Ode”, I hear a heart protest loudly, wildly, the end of romance, and yet, calm returns in the end..and it all starts to make sense. Thank you wonderful artist and friend for this great and truly surprising inspiration.

  3. Karima….it is fun experiencing each others creativity.
    Your poetry is blooming…a magical time…ya? You take your readers on all sorts of journeys that are truly sensual, they feel your words. Just to read them….ones senses awaken .
    With the music…the mood is alive.
    And now you did a poem to my bizarre energetic applying of paint with raw feeling! That wild painting spoke to you….from deep inner realms…your words flowed, haunting and deeply touching to the Heart. And i see that painting take on a life. Interesting experience.
    Thank you.

  4. Jan, I love the fling. It speaks to me of a true inner melt down, kinda messy but death to the ego. Recently I’ve been noticing cubist paintings, with all the fractured facets, in the same way. I know that flying apart, dissolving feeling of all beliefs and concepts. Paint a human explosion!

    • Thank you, Jeff…. Messy, oh yes, not fun.
      Worth it!


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