OK….at the suggestion of a couple friends, i am going to share the process of creating a painting. Here, i have posted the beginning of the piece i am now working on, and then a later development of it, as it looks this morning…and i will post another stage of its morphing as i go. I do not yet know where this vision will go, so, for me it is exciting, as are the realms of the unknown, for me.  It feels like this painting is seducing me. There is a mystery in it for me.

***Image #1, arrival of a Vision:

Here is the beginning. It started with a half finished painting of a portrait of an orchid that i  had begun and abandoned, years ago. Lately i had it out….and was looking at it….to see if it had any possibilities. I thought it was quite boring…i was not inspired at all.                                              Orbs:                                                                                                                    I have had a variety of orbs come into my reality from several sources, both in the past, and lately in a curiously inspiring way.  Orbs have also appeared before in my art, here and there.  Then, as i pondered the old orchid painting, I began to feel the somewhat “extra-terrestrial-being”  quality that orchids sometimes appear to have…and there the vision began!  And then i SAW it!! It took on a life!  The first image ( above) was as i began to define the perimeters of an orb, super-imposed over the orchid….excited to see where it would take me.

***Image #2, the process as the painting morphs:

An here is how it is developing, now. I feel strongly drawn to this sensuous orb, and the living flow of colors within it…and the haunting forest background that is morphing into existence as well.

It feels delightful to be painting this!!! And i will post an update of the next stage of this vision. Off i go to paint!!


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