Here is the finished painting…”Speechless.”

(click image to enlarge)

The title arrived in a magical way. Every title idea that came to me felt just wrong altogether…until i remembered that what happens in this vision has no mental definition at all….

The mind is not the tool to ‘See’ ( grok ) this painting….to explore the rich realms beyond mind…so lovely…playful…free…


A pure spontaneous experience can be spoiled or limited (put in a box) when the mind is put to task to define it. But then, sometimes the word used can be a kind of bridge or trigger…and can deepen the meaning of an experience. This title does both… for me.


This image feels auspicious….to me….almost like a blessing.

**As a side note: My website and blog are a year old now, and during this time my art has been changing, along with me….and i would love to hear (read) from those who are visiting, so i know who you are! A small comment would be very welcomed to begin this new year.

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