painting morphing

painting morphing

Well…it is interesting to have a blog. Now i find myself deciding what i want to share next. So i decided to post the developing of another orchid face morphing within a globe, that i am working on right now.

I started with another old painting…one i did not want to finish, so i decided to use the dark canvas. I enjoy painting on a dark background….it feels to me like i am painting with light. After my painting “Alien Chrysalis”, which took on such a powerful life to me,  i have been inspired to try another orchid. This orchid face began to appear transparently over the old painting…and the orb barely seen yet. This was mid June. Then…

… colors started appearing, as the old painting disappears. The orchid comes further into being. I love the sensuality of oil paint, and the deep colors….they feel  alive. I move into their depth.  There is no thinking process going on with this image. No meaning at all…and i rather like that. These next two thumbnails are in late June, and then late July.




Now…here it is today, August 3…it is still not finished yet…but is like an alive kinda thing to me….i let it define itself as i get out of the way. Much more fun for me….

I think it may be close to finished….but there is something not yet done….i dunno what….so off i go today to see where it leads me. I will post the finished painting soon.

I would like to know who finds this kind of post interesting….the developing of the image. If you are so inclined, i would love to read your comments.


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  1. *Raises her hand high in the air..”Well you already know I do!”:) To be let inside on the process is like discovering State secrets..and somehow it makes the final step when you (the artist) sign your name to the bottom right corner, all that more significant as we now feel part of the process alongside the artist:)

    • Thank you so much Karima…getting positive feedback means a great deal. As we both know….the creating of the art, whatever its form, is it’s own reward! I do not make art to get approval, i make it because it feels amazing to me, i can’t not do it. Your words are not put together in order to get positive attention. They just flow. You are their recipient as well as we are! Same for me and my art. But…it really feels wonderful to know when people take the time to experience what we do. When we touch someone. And especially if they are touched deeply. A kind of circuit happens….maybe it completes a circuit when it is received. Interesting how some things are best left in mystery. There is magic in the mystery.

  2. At the completionion of all the Earth cycles, when we are “done”, there is a group consensus. If the guiding ones decide we have learned what there is to learn and Karmic (simply means “motion”) energies have been balanced, we can, if we choose, we are given our own palette to create. If we have learned well…we get our own opportunity to make our own “creation”. It is always a choice.

    What you see in Jan here is parallel to everyone’s growth and evolvement. She is allowing her creative energy to channel thru and has an intrinsic life of its own. It is from her…but not her. It is more. It is a differing life form. It is her vision and impulses empowered by God to literally create something never seen before. That never existed before. And you thought this was complicated!!!

    It is not. Jan accurately describes the very real process of “creation”. When forces line up, we can direct the full forces of creational energies. The very same forces that created us! That was always the intent. We simply need to learn all the steps to make this happen. How her art evolves is a precise example of how the universe is organized. Her work is a perfect metaphor of the Godforce in action. It is creating something that never existed. This is the profound center of magic in our universe. We should not be fighting wars over “who’s God is best”…but, how we can learn to create with the same perfection…….That is the true goal of life!

    Pay attention to Jan……learn from her musings and thoughts. She’s lighting the pathway for all of us…….

    Peace and Blessings

    • Well…Tube/Ron….you are one unique trip of an entity, i must say!! I am transported by your words…into depth of Purpose. This ever deepening and liberating journey, if we but surrender to it, simply allow it to unfold. What a beautiful “job” to have …ya? I have long felt inspired to speak in visual form thru my art, as i take this many faceted sacred journey towards Truth…to where we eventually discover that : in fact never left. Who we Are.
      Thank you Ron…i am humbled. I feel a wealth coming from you, yours is a rare mind/spirit…and it empowers my own resolve to this Surrender….the Knowing what That brings….

  3. Yes, I left my comment at the end of the Culture Shock painting for this one.
    Beautiful, beautiful painting–fdeels like true sharing of the inner life of being a human on the planet earth. Thank you for sharing this process as well as the fruits of it with us!


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