beginning, with a painting i did and never finished about 7 years ago.

I have been away from my blog for awhile… but now i am back, with my newest art project, and my first 3 morphs…. as the painting develops.

I have been eying an unfinished painting that i have had stored in my studio for about 7 years. It was inspired by La Grande Odalisque – by Ingres… but a friend posed for it… and i did not intend to copy Ingres’ painting, but to do my own odalisque in a similar pose.

Finally i decided to dust it off… lay out my luscious oils, and play with it, and see what happens. I am enjoying it so far, and am very curious about where it will go from here…. it is very unfinished, and the hands and feet, and some anatomy are especially in a primitive level of development… but here i have the first 3 morphs. And i will post more as i go.

This is morph number 2:

This is number 3:


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