Morphing Odalisque in process

Morphing Odalisque in process

beginning, with a painting i did and never finished about 7 years ago.

I have been away from my blog for awhile… but now i am back, with my newest art project, and my first 3 morphs…. as the painting develops.

I have been eying an unfinished painting that i have had stored in my studio for about 7 years. It was inspired by La Grande Odalisque – by Ingres… but a friend posed for it… and i did not intend to copy Ingres’ painting, but to do my own odalisque in a similar pose.

Finally i decided to dust it off… lay out my luscious oils, and play with it, and see what happens. I am enjoying it so far, and am very curious about where it will go from here…. it is very unfinished, and the hands and feet, and some anatomy are especially in a primitive level of development… but here i have the first 3 morphs. And i will post more as i go.

This is morph number 2:

This is number 3:


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  1. Jan,
    I think after all this time, and all the years I have seen that painting propped up on your floor, next to the doorway, you have decided it was time to finish it, and now in a brand new way, Seven years ago you never would have or could have done what you are doing to her drape, which is excitingly morphing into some magical, almost crystallizing effect. Now that you have been “catapulted” into the abstract and crossing your own new frontiers in your art, I can’t wait to see where this one goes and finally rests. It was always was a beautiful unfinished it will be something else too besides that:)

    • Ah yes… you remember it. And i too am excited to see where this painting goes from here. I love not knowing, and just playing and painting what comes in the moment. I have no thoughts about it, which feels free and adventurous. I learn to just allow it to happen.
      Thank you Karima… for always being so supportive of my art, and for appreciating what this new approach is about. You have also learned the beautiful power of surrender… surprises happen… like with you, every poem and your music along with your poetry, your machinima videos… you just open and these amazing things happen!


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