morphing movement

morphing movement


OK…Here is the first installment of what happens to the white emptiness…i just started flinging paint, lots of movement…and no thought …felt like dancing…and it had a power to it, very free and unrestricted….





On it goes, just playing….and a body of water appears…or maybe glass, or mirror??…





And the water/mirror reflects the wildness into graceful waves…and now i am excited to go and play in those waves with color and texture…and watch as this scene of movement becomes more manifest….

I like how there are changes in form and reflections in the textures of movement….but i don’t want to start putting too many words or ideas on it yet, because i don’t know where it is headed.

I enjoy feeling acutely awake and empty as i allow this image to morph into being, giving myself to the experience. I can feel more colors wanting to come in, now…..

Light spatterings and smearings, and flow….and i am a tool for its becoming…simply what it is. This feels so delightfully spontaneous, mindless and meaningless…a new area for me to explore in my art…i simply allow…without judgement…with feeling…not attached to where it goes.

I also endeavor to develop this same quality in my life’s flow. Learning to get out of the way…



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