Intuitive Splash – now finished.  Acrylic and oils on canvas… 27 1/2″ x 47″ ( 70 x 120 cmts).           This piece was painted with no purpose other than to spontaneously dance with color and texture and feeling…nothing representational that the mind can grab onto…unless it is from the imagination of the viewer, which is eagerly invited. Mainly the senses  experience it….there is no message or purpose beyond that simple thing….the experience itself, what ever that may be.  Art…is a wide open field of discoveries…both in the creating of it, and the perceiving of it.

After my many years as a such a controlled and perfectionist painter….this is totally new territory for me. ( one i have been playing with for many months now, as posted in this blog, each a different experience and flavor…and for me, a delight every one, for reasons my ‘mind’ cannot explain. ) Like i have been set free of the mental control part …to just allow something to intuitively occur out of movement and feeling playful and inspired to be attempting such a courageous (for me) thing, and joyful when certain surprises occur as the painting unfolds! The abandon…the out-of-mind field…eyes wide open….with some paint and brushes in hand….here we go on a ride to the unknown. My love for the unknown continues to expand….not just in my art.

close up…Intuitive Splash:



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