So here it is, finished at last.( touch curser to image to enlarge )

And i think it is interesting to consider the word >fertilization, and why it was chosen  for the title. The word can be used to discribe the fertilization as in an egg by sperm in mating of a male and female to reproduce….also, to adding nutrients to enrich soil for greater plant production, or pollenation as in flowers or orchids, which can be somewhat complex procedure . In all cases the word means a creating of a new life or form….as well as to enrich.  In any case, here is a change occurring, similar to a chrysalis when transforming into a butterfly….where the substance “juices” transform….and something altogether new comes of it.

This painting to me has an excitement…almost a joyful, ticklish sensation…and the movement and structure of the orchid suggests to me that there is a stimulating metamorphosis occurring in the purest lightning flash of a moment.

I almost never see such implications until the painting completes itself, and this one remained pretty mysterious to me until i was in the finishing stage of it. I just let it become, not needing to know what that might be. Then it delighted me in the end, as i put the final paint strokes on it…and it took on life.

I am reminded of my own transformation process….and those moments when profound  intuitive perceptions are born, often of the simplest and unexpected of sources…. where  i feel an infusion of Energy that utterly changes me, expanding horizons. And this experience, tho’ never the same twice… feels to me kind of what this orchid seems to be experiencing.

The diamond Purpose of our journey in this universe is to allow the Spiritual Light to thoroughly fertilize us…until we shine, glow….laughingly.

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