This is one of the paintings displayed in the Retrospective Gallery in my main website. The meaning of it may not be clear to most observers, so I thought I would write a bit about it…and what it means to me.

Like many of the visions that come into my art, this one came in parts, like a flow, to me rather than  from me. Like a gift…a prayer, inviting.

The metaphorical gems, ( pearls? or drops perhaps?)….represent to me the entrance of a new idea, as it goes in, past the surface of the thinking mind…. especially input from spiritual and Angelic realms…that expand one’s field of Seeing into energetic realms. The upper face looks upward, her crown and 3rd eye chackras are open, her eyes open and mind receptive.

The face below is in a meditative reverence, as Divine nature enters then into her heart, a blooming rose, petals unfolding in rapture.

The splash below is what I call Angelic Integration, as an actual alchemical affect results…the colors mix and blend and swirl as a transformation morphs the soul powerfully and deeply with Light.





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